Highly efficient pool heating, making year-round swimming an affordable possibility. Solvis Energy Management System supplies hot water from renewable sources, to enable virtually free heating for spas, domestic or commercial pools. Outdoor or indoor pools can be easily heated with Solvis’ range of tanks, heat exchangers and hydronic solar collectors.

The body of water can be heated most efficiently with hydronic pipes under the flooring and in the walls of the structure, this results in a rapid and steady heating applied to the large surface area. Once the pool has reached the target temperature it can easily be maintained, even on cloudy days.

Solar geothermal heated swimming pools are generally heated at one quarter of the of water heated electrically. However with Solvis’ outstanding hydronic solar collectors, harvesting more kW and the high angle of the sun in Australia this can almost reduce the costs by 95%! Essentially FREE pool heating on demand.

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Low Maintenance

A swimming pool fitted with a hydronic heating solution combined with Solvis Energy Management System and hydronic solar, means once the desired temperature is set the system automatically manages pool temperature focusing on renewable energy sources first.

Drastic Saving Potential

Solvis Energy Management System is designed to be efficient and save on high energy costs. Pool heating requires a huge amount of energy but Solvis makes it simple with hydronic solar or other geothermal renewables, to provide superior heating capacity.


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