Cooling starts at the TOP

Cool with excess heat for free with hydronic solar. Slab or wall cooling options are also available, but the most efficient solution starts at the top. With ceiling cooling, we at KPW Solutions recommend BEKA high efficiency ceiling cooling:

  • No Noise
  • No circulation of dust
  • No circulation of allergens or odours
  • No air blowing
  • 15-year warranty

The ceiling cooling pipes are connected to a water chiller from Fahrenheit and this is powered by Solvis Solar Plant. The synergy between these systems offers unprecedented performance and efficiency here in Australia. Large scale cooling is now very affordable in the long-term as almost all cooling costs can be covered with Solvis solar collectors throughout the year.

Discover the potential

Water based cooling

  • No refrigeration gas
  • Pure water only (closed system)
  • Sustainable

Easy setup & maintenance

  • Retrofitting ability of both units allows easy future upgrades
  • Simple designs and limited moving parts means less to worry about


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