Underfloor heating – SolvisMax satisfies all hot water needs

We recommend REHAU, a leading world brand recognised for its innovation and quality products with 30 years of experience to deliver the infrastructure for combined success. Solvis Energy Management Systems constant heat output works great with REHAU for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

What is Hydronic Underfloor Heating?

Hydronic Underfloor Heating is the best radiant heating which achieves steady ambient temperatures by circulating warm water through a closed network of pipes laid in the floor.

As it is a closed system, water is re-used once commissioned and does not need to be refilled, saving time and water. The SolvisMax can heat the water with almost every energy source, e.g hydronic solar collector or a Solvis gas boiler.

In combination with a renewable energy course, this system requires only a minimum of electricity and is therefore most environmentally friendly and efficient.

Discover the potential

Silent Comfort

  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating evenly distributes warmth throughout the floor area, resulting in a pleasant comfortable experience “warm feet, cool head.”
  • Like the sun the sun on a winter’s day, hydronic underfloor heating warms the room via a high level of radiant heat, avoiding the dryness usually associated with high-intensity heating systems installed with the building structure.

Save energy and the environment

  • Save up to 95% in space heating energy usage when combined with Solvis Max and Hydronic Solar
  • Low energy intensity and efficient transfer of heating energy ensure hydronic underfloor heating is one to the lowest carbon footprint technologies available.

Hygienic, safe & easy to maintain

  • Dust and allergens are a large drawback with ducted heating systems, hydronic heating provides significant health benefits through zero air movement. In particular sufferers of allergies and asthma reap the biggest benefits.
  • No chance of injuries caused by radiator panels, the perfect solution for schools, nursing homes, hospitals and similar public buildings.
  • With almost zero mechanical equipment and simple one-step room temperature control, hydronic underfloor heating is easy to operate and even easier to maintain.

Freedom and flexibility of design

  • As the heating system is completely hidden, there are no air ducts or large heating units to hinder design considerations.
  • Enclosed within the building slab and operable by remote controls, hydronic underfloor heating provides a tamper-proof and 100% secure heating solution.
  • The floor is a large heat emitter so only “warm” water (heated to 30˚C to 45 ˚C) is required. This opens the possibility of using renewable energy sources such as hydronic solar collects and geothermal, as well as conventional sources like gas.


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