Hot Water Supply

On average hot water accounts for 23% of the household’s energy usage in Australia. It is important to be sustainable & cost efficient, SolvisMax offers energy saving, reliability and the ultimate comfort.

Discover the potential

Energy Saving – +63% Saving!

Renewable hydronic solar can save 23% on hot water costs AND another 40% on space conditioning, a total of 63%!

Fast & Reliable Hot Water

Solvis Energy Management System ensures always have hot water when you need it and adapts to changes in quantity demanded. Offering reliability even when guests or family members visit and everyone has a shower.

Don’t wait for hot water at the tap anymore! Solvis is made ready with a circulating pump offering the ability for INSTANT hot water on any tap. Superior design and insulation protect against heat loss when circulating water throughout the building.


Solvis delivers energy saving no matter what energy source is chosen, due to its stratified buffer tank design and management control system. Renewable options will ensure you have FREE hot water from the sun to be used for hot water, heating & cooling.

Technical Information

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