The perfect choice when renovating or adding a stylish European heater to any space. Radiators are quick efficient ways to create a warm and comfortable living space. Radiators driven by hot water from a SolvisMax system with hydronic solar delivers comfort without costing you the Earth.

Optimum comfort comes from the thermostatic radiator valve, allowing the user to regulate temperatures at each radiator. Lower settings will use less energy but the option is there to quickly heat up the room with maximum temperature setting! The valve can also be fully closed when the room is no longer in use.

Discover the potential

Prefect for Retrofitting

Radiators can be added in at any time, are affordable and efficient. They come in many different shapes and sizes for all looks and space requirements.


Radiators utilise convector fins welded directly to the waterway system to increase the heating transfer surface area, resulting in faster heating times for any room.

Bathroom Comfort

Heated towel rails powered by hot water can be a luxurious add-on and convenient way to dry towels in a hygienic and sustainable way. Safe to touch but warm enough to dry towels and reduce washing and drying.

Low Maintenance & Robust Design

Radiators generally last years upon years, with little or no maintenance as their simplicity and lack of moving parts ensures reliability. Their strong design makes them a good choice in commercial or public settings, without risk of damages.


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