Together for FREE heating AND cooling!

There is more to solar thermal units than hot water generation and heating purposes. When combined with adsorption chiller systems the excess heat energy serves as a source to generate environmentally friendly and efficient cold for the solar cooling of buildings and processes. Fahrenheit Adsorption Chillers combined with Solvis’ solar hydronic heat management system creates a continual uniform heating & cooling experience throughout the whole year.

During Summer
When temperatures spike and summer sets in, a good cooling system ensures its occupants are comfortable and temperatures are regulated. But a GREAT cooling systems uses that EXCESS heat generated by Solar Hydronics to effortlessly cool at no extra cost AND provide the best thermal cooling for the lowest input.

This is the Fahrenheit & Solvis dream….

During Winter
As winter wraps its icy fingers around Australia it can be hard to keep warm, don’t resist the efficiency and comfort of hydronic underfloor heating. With the Hydronic Solar Solvis System you don’t need to worry about bills for heating and hot water as the sun has you covered!

Combining Fahrenheit and Solvis hydronic systems offers complete solutions for:

By planning everything right from the beginning, you can achieve zero net energy costs which means the total energy consumed by your house is less than your solar energy collected on sunny days.


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